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    Hi Everyone Apologies if this is in the wrong section and if my question seems dumb.....but I am yet to find an answer to my question. I have recently started selling ebooks on disk with links to affiliate programs that are relevant to the ebook content, and i also want to add a shortcut on the disk to related amazon products. Amazon has kindly generated HTML code using my affiliate details to the product category that relates to the niche of my eboks, but I dont know how i can take this code and turn it into a shortcut that i can put on the disk along with the pdf ebooks. I know there must be a way it can be done? Any help would be greatly appreciated With Thanks
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    Links on the disk or in the PDF? If you can make a PDF then you can embed links in it.
    Do you have any links now? Are you having trouble getting the HTML links OUT of Amazon? That can happen. When you go to "Text Links" right-click the link and pick "copy link location". then paste it into notepad or into the links box in your editor.

    Does your disk have a menu? Table of contents? Do you want a references page for the links?

    If you're having trouble editing or converting use calibre (free).

    Explain what you're trying to build and we'll tell you how to add it. Links are not a problem. Since you've created a PDF I don't know why links are an issue. Most people get stuck on the PDF creation.