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    Hey BHW, this is one of my first posts. I've realized the value of this forum is higher than I once believe so I thought I'd start asking the community questions that I have about my affiliate marketing + SEO journey.

    1.) My competitors theme is literally so basic - they look so unprofessional. But yet they to be ranking for thousands of keywords, and have tons of traffic (looking at SEMrush) - Does theme really matter? I get that potentially in terms of conversions there's a possibility but these sites are still raking in cash.

    2.) If a niche is too competitive, how do I know when to stop? So basically, I'm ranking for like 15 keywords on the first page of Google (and let me tell you it's been a hell of a fking journey) and I'm also ranking for 900 keywords spread across the 2nd page onwards (which at the end of the day don't really matter but just thought I'd throw it out there), my competitors are ranking for hundreads on the first page, but they honestly look like they've ranked using PBN's and all that good stuff.

    3.) All of these Long tail keywords I have ranked on my site, how do I get them to page 1 WITHOUT PBNs (cause lets be real I'm not going to pay to rank such low competitiveness keywords). Any suggestions?

    Thanks guys, hopefully I get some feedback. take care peace out - Jordan Belfort mothafkas
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    What's your conversion and earning rate so far? :) I'd look at that and then look into the amount of cost already spent?

    1. Yep - lots do, helps with the click the heck out rate
    2. Look at your meta description to improve CTRs
    3. Content - consider is it really worth it based on search volume rates and also buyer intention terms?