Amazon Affiliate Blog + ecommerce option?

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    I would like to build a website around my niche (with 3 or 4 sub niches). Each sub niches will have categories corresponding to products. There will be a lot of information articles about products in those niches. (how to, best ).Not so much reviewsof actual amazon product yet.
    The idea is to do information blog articles about all those categories\products.
    All those products\categories I am about to write articles about can be found on Amazon.
    Is there a way to add a e-commerce section on the website (like a shop menu) where I can list all the products I speak about in my website?
    Has anyone used Spreadr App?I see people using this have an online shop with a cart, and customers can pay without being redirected to amazon. It that Amazon dropshipping?
    Or should I use Azon and have the amazon add to cart instead?
    What are my options there?
    Any Wordpress theme you would recommend? I am willing to pay for a good one.

    Thanks a mill