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    Well i made a site where i list top 10 products, and i got 2 sales after 1 month, and yesterday my application was reviewed, and apperently denied. This is the e-mail i got:


    Thank you for applying for the Associate program. Upon review, we are unable to accept your application. A part of our criteria is that your site has to be established with enough unique content. We rejected your application due to one or more of the following reasons.

    - Lack of content which is original to your site and beneficial to your visitors
    - Pages that are mainly empty when advertisement content is removed

    Unfortunately, we arent able to review an application once its been rejected. If your website has been further developed and now contains appropriate content, youre welcome to submit another application by using the following URL:

    Thank you for your interest in Amazon Associates.

    What can i do now? I Just was starting to get traffic and i get this email. Everything on the site is written by me personally and nothing is copied. The pages are Top 10's of stuff, and all i did was list 10 items on each page with a short description about each item.

    What can i do? :/
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    Hey there,

    I also got rejected at first. Don't get discouraged! It's easy to re-apply.

    Amazon is looking for content that is going to be beneficial to them. They don't want a page full of pictures and a little text about each item. From my experience, you need at least two 700 word articles on the site that is not copied from anywhere else. I would also recommend that you create some Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy if you haven't already.

    At your footer, be sure to put the following:
    [Website] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

    I had a friend buy a $0.20 item from Amazon through my website in order to get Amazon to review my website. They only review once you make a sale.

    Hope this helps!

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