Amazon affilaite - Newbie making authority site - whats next?

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    Have been reading these forums on and off over the last few motnhs and woudl like to create an authority website for a niche I feel has potential (my first site).

    - Have narrowed the wordpress theme I intend to use down to a choice of 2.
    - Have created about 40 titles that I require articles to be written for.
    - Current negotiating with a writer to do all 40 articles minimum 500 words per article.
    - Planning on doing the website work myself with the assistance of a few friends who have a bit more experience.
    - Once the website is up I am planning to apply for an amazon affiliate account (don't currently have one).
    - Looking to release 30 articles all at once and then release the rest and get an extra 20/30 and relase a few a week.
    - What would be the next step - I would like to get traffic to the site via search engine I am struggling where to start with SEO (don't mind doing the work and learning) but what programs are worth investing in?
    - Should each of the articles contain key words ?
    - What is the best method of searching for the key words ?

    If someone could provide some direction it would be brilliant, I am confident I can make this work just a bit of assistance getting it off the ground.
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    All of the questions you've asked has been asked & answered multiple times here, it'd be my suggestion that you do some research on the forum. If you spend some time searching you'll find tons of threads/topics here that will answer all of your questions and more.