Am i heading in the right path? SEO question

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    Hi all
    I am starting a blog relating to finance/tax niche , and to gain visitors planning to do some seo stuff.
    As iam new to the seo please guide me and suggest me the way to go ahead.

    As of now thinking of the following
    20 yahoo answers+100 posts in PR1-PR6 for 3 links i.e.,300 links + 300 article submissions

    will these help?

    Am i heading in the right path?

    iam looking for atleast 1lakh hits every month.
    Any other service that i should use to achieve the targeted hits?

    Any other way to gain more visitors?

    I am running on tight budget so please suggest something pocket friendly.
    The blog as of now contains 27 articles relating to finance and tax.

    Your reply would help me a lot.
    Thanks in advance