Am I Banned


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Sep 27, 2009
ok I got an email from cj stating this?

Commission Junction is currently investigating your account and has the following inquiries regarding your promotional methods:

Please describe how you drive traffic.

they even had the url to one of my throw away sites.

Please respond by replying to this specific e-mail within 5 days of the mailing date.

note that current or pending payout(s) may be placed on hold pending
notification from you and Commission Junction?s confirmation of your
full compliance.

I dont really do black hat I just spam ya and cl. I dont make false promises or trick people.

I reponded saying this

I promote in teen forums, stay at home mom forums, and anywhere they allow me to have my banner up. I never post at Myspace because Survey4profits doesn't allow it.

I hope that my account stays in good standing. I don't think I've done anything wrong.

they said

What would you be doing instead to drive traffic?

You need to check with Google to see if they allow for what you have been doing. For example, Craigslist does not allow for what you were doing. Unless you can find clear and unambiguous authorization from Google for what you have been doing, you have to assume it is not allowed.

Can you supply some examples by URLs and postings of some of your forum activities that we could check?

i responded with 1 forum url where I post my link at I do post at forums but 98% of my traffic is cl My throw away blog is a google site blog. they had the google site url. does google sites not allow affilaite stuff? i dont know what they are talking about with google. Its getting close to them payming me this month. do you think im banned or what? also how do they know im posting on cl? I have a banner to their ad on my google site blog and i put my blog link on cl.
You're Fucked.

Dude, they are going to send the FBI, CIA, DEA and some other initial agencies to your home and kick you in the nuts.

Ok, Google is not an issue but CL is so you have to make sure that they do not catch you on CL. I got caught on CL a few times and lost a bunch of cash from CJ.
how do you not get caught on cl? how can they see that traffic to my blog comes from cl? im not putting my referral id in the cl ad. i have my blog in the cl ad and then my blog has a banner to the offer plus other text. and people click on the banner and go to the offer.

edit: if google isnt the issue why they say that about google?
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I believe the google reference is a smoke screen.

They could be trying to trick you to see where you traffic is coming from based upon them sending you that ad but odds are they have some kind of tracking that sees where your traffic is coming from.

I git busted and I was advertising on CL and forwarding the link through three different domains to my advertiser link.

I know there are others that are tons smarter than I as to how to sneak the traffic past CL.
If you're worried hop onto adbrite ASAP and buy some ads on forums, yes, it'll probably be wasted money, but in the end it'll save you your account with CJ and the money in it.
That way you can just say that that is how all the traffic has been sent.
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