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Am I 3v1L or what??

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by e121fx, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. e121fx

    e121fx Newbie

    Jul 9, 2009
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    There's been great deliberation about RSS feeds in their entirety
    and how pulling whole articles can be achieved.

    Well this is not just about that.
    I've been having the worst time with content and finally decided
    to be a bastard about it.
    Site Mirroring. No Not like blatant full site rips... well maybe kinda sorta..

    I'm a lazy sonuvabitch and if I don't have to think about this crap I most certainly won't when its already out there and most likely done better than I could, to pull it together in the little amount of time that I have..

    I come from a time where ste mirroring was the shiznit b/c your
    site would go down on one side of the planet due to routers and isp snafus.
    So your best line of defense is to have multiple sites mirrored and
    then have the dns line these ip's up so they look like one site.

    This is WAY to technical to give full disclosure on that topic , so I'll say the following..
    The content is already out there and on sites that are getting STUPID
    traffic. So what I decided to do was to grab an app called WinHTTrak
    Website copier..

    It's free and simple google search you can find it instantly.
    In the settings the only thing I did to tweak, was to make sure
    it ignores the robot.txt files on the target site I want to copy.
    And only go one link deep.

    So I go do a google search for my topic/keyword phrase
    or what not micro niche, you get the idea..
    Find a site that has a boat load of relevent content.

    Snag a single page from the site & run it through copyscape.
    If it passess I'm golden.
    I fire up WinHTTrak

    I punch in the category and and the local directory to copy too.

    Hit Next

    I then punch in the .com site name or target on the following request.
    And let her rip all she can eat.

    Whats left is, I now have all the content from that site locally to run through content mixers and respin for articles, emails, ads you name it.
    Or do it by hand if its REALLY JUICY SHIT!! And if its PHATT!! as far as being Ad Copy intensive thats converting.. BIG STUPID PLUSS RIGHT THERE!!
    And And And.. What I go after is already SEO'd to death, so shoot! how can ya beat that?

    Just do the voodoo you know to do, to make it your own.

    And you don't have to go back to the original site and have yourself being suspiciously logged for days.. within hours or minutes you have ALL their goods in your hands..:D

    I have much more control of whats being spit out to the content networks & link wheels and directories this way. And I don't have to wory about the auto unique-respinners mangling perfect information into bland fodder filler.

    Mind you, there's still much work involved. But I'm not recreating the wheel here. I have a jump start on what ever I want to go after..

    I can also pop the mirrored local website directories on my laptop and go mobile so I can work even in dead zones.. I don't know.. Is good stuff to me..

    I saw that 3 minute Ad Copy writing by marketsamurai and said to myself
    DAMN!! Thats What I Do!!! But this is what and how I do it..

    Hopefully it'll get your creative juices flowing..

    This place place is WAY TOO Awesome.. I simply hope this is
    a decent give back.