Alternative to Niche Inspector?

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    Jul 22, 2009
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    hi all I need a new keyword tool.

    I've spent all day trying the latest free and paid (cracked ) keyword tools and I cant find any that do the basic function Niche Inspector had,

    All I want is to put in a seed word, and I get a list of related Keyword and relevant data (kinda like the google adwords external tool) BUT the relevant data MUST include the google search results amount.


    Keyword - Blackhat
    Monthly Search - 40,500
    Google Results no brackets - 3,270,000
    Google Results with brackets - 945,000

    Niche inspector gives results like that, however I cant find another tool that does, or maybe I am missing that function somewhere?

    I manually check using adwrods tool and putting my keywords in google, so short of making a macro does anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks a lot

    EDIT - someone just told me "Micro Niche Finder" does what I need so there u have it thanks
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