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    I put this as a reply to another post, but, thinking about it more, I think it really needs its own thread. It is an important point, after all.

    There are many programs out there that are designed to blast links out to forums, placing tens of thousands of them all over the internet. I honestly don't think that strategy is as effective as it used to be. I may be wrong, but my experience has shown that to be the case.

    That approach works in the short term, very well, as a matter of fact. But there is one thing missing: sustainability.

    If you post a thousand forum posts with spun versions of "nice post" and "visit my site at ---", and 900 of them get removed by mods, you have just earned 100 links on blogs that are already infested with spam, and G can tell the difference between those and true quality links, and will count your links with far less weight. Not only that, but, as time goes on, these pages will be discovered by more people using the same tools, leading to more spammy-looking pages, and less link power from them. That means you need to put more time into spamming more links, and the cycle continues.

    Alternatively, say you post ten links manually, each with well-written, specific content, on .gov or other reputable (well-moderated) sites that relate to your keyword (The TSA has a forum, for example). If those make it through the moderation process, they are there to stay, and very little spam will be there to suck up your link juice. Yes, you end up with fewer links, but those links count for so much more in the long term that it is more than worth it.

    Furthermore, as a side point, you don't have to worry about IP masking and the like, because the mods don't mind you. If you're insightful enough, they may grow to even like you as a valued member of the community.

    But the question remains: How do does writing non-spammy comments help you?

    The answer is to post in forums that have a "website" field, and making your name include your keyword. If, for example, you were marketing pans, you could call yourself "Dan, the Pan Guy," and make your website field the site you are trying to promote. One of the keys is not to make an effort to tailor the content of your post to your marketing. Just post something intelligent.

    Mods usually don't care about the link in your website field, because you aren't doing any real harm as long as you don't have garbage posts.

    And now for my proof: One year ago, I created a test site in a relatively competitive niche, promoting it exclusively with this method and on-page optimization. Today, with no intervention since the few hours I put into reading articles and crafting related forum posts, my site remains at #1 for my keyword. Hours of making posts seems like quite a bit of work compared to minutes of configuration, yes, but I haven't had to do a second of work on that site since (I haven't even changed the content). It just stays there, through all of the updates and dances. And, before you ask, yes, I did check it with a tool that was not based at my IP. The third-party rank checking tools all show that it is on top, and they have for all of my periodic checks in the past year.

    I hope this method is as useful to you as it has been for me.