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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by kimosogi, Sep 30, 2013.

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    I am sick of Google pushing us around and thinking we need their organic searches. Here are my alternative sources for traffic to my website.

    Email List - Currently setup with Feedburner but I plan on changing that to be less Google dependent
    Guest Blogging - We all know doing a guest post on the right website can bring down a website if it's not prepared for all that traffic
    Youtube - Not only are videos more engaging but more people prefer to watch a video than to read an article just make sure you tell them to visit your website if you want traffic, unfortunately this is owned by Google :(
    Forum in your niche - The best place to find targeted traffic, unfortunately it's a lot of work keeping up with all the forums.
    Social Networks - I actually don't get a lot of traffic from this. I'm sure I am doing something wrong, like not being active, lol, but yeah every little bit counts.
    Blogging Networks - Tumblr,, Blogger etc... also good source of traffic but you have to be active in these networks also to get any decent traffic

    All this with little work brings me an average about 500 visitors a day.

    So these are my alternative sources. Anyone have anything to add?
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    You talking about those websites which generate clicks??
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    Ever tried to work on mobile traffic ? think a bit in these , the biggest potential you can convert with smart thinking.
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    Google does what's right by users, which means it's hard to get past reputable companies in organic search. You can hate that it happens, but you get a lot further treating them as an adversary you respect than "the bad guy". If you admit that you're actually "the bad guy" in their eyes and the visitors eyes it's actually easier to play the game.

    You are right though, Google isn't the king of traffic it once was. You're on point with Feedburner, but you can't think of it as an email list. It's a subscription model that people can subscribe to via email, but Feedburner itself is really necessary in that scenario. Running an email list is a nightmare with spam filters, complaints, servers, blah blah blah. I would stick with it because they get around all the headaches. It counts for a lot.

    But yeah subscription and social traffic is huge now. Getting facebook fans is the same as a feedburner subscription because it's someone consenting to receive some content from you through a trusted channel they always use. Same with twitter, maybe to a slightly lesser extent. The other thing there is sharing and viral traffic. I don't even have a blog, but I've created pieces of content that went on to spread to 10,000,000+ views. These things are getting harder to cheat at, but if you can create something people genuinely want it's easier than ever to get some explosive traffic.

    Mobile shouldn't even be considered a thing now. Something like at least half of all traffic is mobile now and all design should be mobile first responsive. Even having a mobile version isn't an acceptable thing these days, it has to be responsive. If you only have a desktop version you're literally throwing away 50% of your business. It's even easier to monetize than desktop traffic too.