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    As this forum gets more and more popular it will attract those new to internet marketing and those that are new to "black hat" methods of internet marketing.

    I see a lot of threads on various forums from new members that want to jump straight into a big project with no plan, little or no funds and big dreams. What usually ends up happening is they lose money, get frustrated and end up calling it quits before they truly even try to create wealth (wealth is different than getting rich by the way).

    So here is my suggestion to those that want to get in the game and learn. Find someone on a forum that needs someone to do data entry like posting on forums or creating accounts (e.g., facebook, email, twitter, etc) or something that you feel comfortable with. Get paid by money or have them take you under your wing to learn the concept of their method (don't think you're going to get something to show their whole hand of cards). After you take a job like that you now know the basics then you can build off of that.

    If you think you're going to jump into the deep end of the pool without learning how to swim first you will surely drown.

    A side note:
    When I first starting getting into marketing I tried to make a few ventures online but realized that those close to me (for example one of my coworkers at my last job) were better candidates. Sure talking on instant message or IRC may help communicate but when a person is in front of you and you can bounce ideas off each other without waiting for a reply it's great.
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    I agree with this concept for the most part but I'd like to throw in my two cents.

    Some basic tips for people starting out:

    It doesn't take money to make money online. If you are starting I'd highly suggest you try some methods or even learn SEO before investing any money beyond that of a hosting account and a domain.

    Humans learn by failure, if you don't try, you'll never learn how to improve. If you give up after little effort and no changes, you'll never succeed.

    Start your learning experience with something that interests you, it will help keep the motivation going even if you're not making anything in the beginning.