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    As stated this is just an alternate approach to this thread here without using the hosting scenario.

    Another twist or alternative to this could be offering free marketing and promotion services.

    1. Make a couple of generic videos one business themed and one for amateur entertainers,artist, Models etc.. then simply adjust each video title for that client.
    Then you can automate the process of duplicating those videos.

    Ex Of Video Titles-

    Artist Version:
    " New RapperFlowtight Artist on the Rise The next Big Thing"

    Uploaded this video about 8 minutes ago and used this..It's Really just good for a quick booster But check out the Date and views in that little time and see how it applies further down the post.

    Business Version:

    "Ralph's plumbing...a small family business offering BIG COMPANY result!"

    Would be a similar video but with photos like these and of course different audio:
    svir.jpg snnk.jpg z2zg.jpg jjq6.jpg l7k0.jpg ry4v.jpg

    2. Now along with that video send them a bunch of material on what you plan and how you plan to advertise and boost their business/career...Make it sound exciting and effective but not EASY as then they'll just attempt to do it themselves.Now just wait.
    They can't rush you as this is a free service but if that video was properly created it will have gotten their juices flowing and wanting more,so much so, they may not want to wait for the free services and offer you a paid job doing all those wonderful promotional services they've read in those materials you sent them.

    3. A very clever twist would be to find a nice business to business offer that pays for new clients to sign up and check out their marketing and promotion packages. You know the ones that pay affiliates to get potential clients to download a Free ebook on enhancing their online presence in hopes that they will sign on for the full services. Well you could tell them as a gesture of appreciation for receiving the free services YOU are offering they can show their support by downloading that free sponsor material and you will have killed 2 birds with 1 stone. You'll have given them some more material to juice them up plus made a nice little affiliate fee from the marketing company some which pay as much as 15.00 per 1 page form filled by a new potential clients or simply say that download is the first step in the free services. Many ways to tweak this plus you can actually build some longstanding clients and relationships.

    Bonus crumbs/recurring income possibilities

    4. One such episode landed me a disgruntled artist who was not satisfied with the way his kinda major label was promoting him contacted me after seeing that video which I sent him(not knowing his situation just fishing for clients) and which I had boosted the views to just under 300(Like Above) but in a 10 minute span and told him these were small but Interested industry people that were on my contacts list he was excited as hell. That many views that quick and well the rest is history and I have been doing marketing and promotions for him since for a nice hefty fee.
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