Alternate domain strategy, thoughts?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by hermesusi, Oct 11, 2011.

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    So I found my niche, it has great traffic over all, people are interested, and there are affiliate programs available. But all the nice sounding keywords are not available for domain use. Other relevant keywords are rarely searched for, but they would make just as great a domain name, and is more targeted.

    I' thinking of using the unpopular search terms for my domain name, but focus on attracting the keywords that are already used as domains.

    Let's say umm, "Speakers" is your topics. And some niches are like:
    speakers for music productions
    speakers for rock
    speakers for jazz
    speakers for electronic music. bit of a silly example, but bare with me.

    "SpeakersForJazz" is taken, highly searched and has intermediate competition. If the domain was available, it would be good to go.
    "JazzSpeakers" is a keyword searched 0 times a month, but it's perfect for the actual site content.

    Now, if you base your compaign's SEO and traffice around attracting "speakers for jazz" and have your domain as "Jazz speakers" .... could you still rank in the searches for "speakers for jazz" ?
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    If you are willing to make a serious big website that you will focus on building and expanding it, then I suggest you use like just "Speaking" with like 123 or any number if possible.
    This will give you the opportunity to rank to Speaking jazz , Speaking whatever .. etc on your inner pages

    Good luck buddy
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    Yes you can still rank for 'speakers for jazz' with 'jazz speakers'. EMDs are only one out of hundreds of ranking factors. Content relevancy will be a more important factor than having an EMD. It might take a little longer to rank for the keyword BUT it is done by new sites everyday.