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    So after browsing bhw and researching keywords for countless hours, I've finally settled to a relatively low competition niche and I've also found some relevant offers to lock my content with. My aim is to make a content locked page which will be promoted through youtube .I can see my offers converting very well in theory,since they are relevant to what i'm offering and not demanding in terms of completion time. Thing is though, the network does not allow incentivised traffic and I am wondering whether I should go for it. I've read other threads where people did something similar (big thanks to crashcrateaddict for his highly informative thread) but I am kinda hesitant as to whether I should try blanking the referrer manually, if that's even possible, since I don't have the budget to invest in CLP.

    Asking whether i should go all blackhat on my campaign on blackhatworld feels kinda silly but I'm wondering what people who have tried something similar before think of it as a method.

    So, any thoughts fellow blackhatters?

    Ps. My English is a bit rusty so I hope you'll excuse me.
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