"allintitle" necessary?


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Oct 28, 2008
Hi, is keyword research supposed to be THAT difficult?

A good keyword (from Super Simple Blogging videos) is one with above 1500 searches per month (50+/day), around 50000 competing sites (for "keyword") and around 1500 results with allintitle:keyword.

Gosh, didn't really find anything with 50000 competing sites and 1500 allintitle, whether short or long tail!

Is the allintitle research necessary?

What do you essentially look for in order to rank when doing your keyword research mates?

Thanks in advance :)
@OP: First the numbers given in the simple blogging videos are too low. Don't bother. In my opinion you can go for up to 25,000 competition in quotes and up to 100,000 broad match. It always depends how well optimized the Google page 1 websites are and the kind of websites. For instance if there are a lot of aged, high PR authority sites with lots of backlinks, there is no chance to outrank them. So, you have to go case by case. Hope this helps!
it also depends upon the number of backlinks and the PR of backlinks. I have had results dominating SE rankings for a term that is searched 9000 exact match and 120,000 broad match. All the competing pages were internal, allintitle was less than 1000 and the majority of the backlinks of pages ranked 1-10 were from PR0-PR2 sites so I only had to build a few PR8-PR9 backlinks and boom within 2 weeks I was number 1
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