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    Hey guys, I'm quite new here on the forums and also new to AM in general. Have been researching for hours and hours last couple of weeks and want to get into making lots and lots of micro niche blogs monetized with adsense (and possible some amazon/cpa deals). Got my adsense account approved yesterday and amazon also. Built one website already with one article on it, pinged it and it was in Google in 1 day. Can only find it when i type my full websiteaddress into google but heck, at least it is in it :)! Now I want to try prosense for wordpress as theme and up the site to 4 articles. Then pumping out a lot more!

    Ok where the F is this guy going you are thinking by know. I still have to do linkbuilding for my site and in my quest for knowledge on this subject I came across this website which i think is a gem. Quite probably you guys already know of this websites, but for noobs like me it might be interesting to read. Anyway this is the site

    Hope it is of help for someone, I really learned a lot from you guys in the last weeks and wanted to give something back already to the forum!