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    Hi Guys,

    What's the best way to set up these parts of the seo plugin:

    The following macros are supported:
    %blog_title% - Your blog title
    %blog_description% - Your blog description
    %post_title% - The original title of the post
    %category_title% - The (main) category of the post
    %category% - Alias for %category_title%
    %post_author_login% - This post's author' login
    %post_author_nicename% - This post's author' nicename
    %post_author_firstname% - This post's author' first name (capitalized)
    %post_author_lastname% - This post's author' last name (capitalized)

    i have never really bothered with this part before but i assume i should clean the fields up a bit :)

    cheers guys