Aliexpress bad customer service, advice needed

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    Hello, so i have a dropship site with aliexpress products but it's very hard to use their platform because they have many weird stuff going on their site.

    for example i first needed to verify many documents to even be able to start purchasing products from them, got denied many times for no real reason and takes 2-3 days everytime to get a response from their support that have no knowledge and they just push buttons with standard answers that not helping at all :(

    when i finally got verified and started order products suddenly they decide to cancel some of my orders for security reasons, i even order 2 items to same adress and 1 got shipped and 1 got canceled because of security, it makes no sense and im so angry of this shit, it's like a lottery :mad:

    trying to talk to support but they have no authoritys to do and see anything, standard answers that just makes me more angry!
    Trying to appeal and send documents again but get message from site that it's to busy :confused:

    i have no clue how to proceed with this, anyone have been thrue this and have advice how i can satisfy them??

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    Jan 3, 2016
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    Hi! I have the same problem with ali express, I did my appeal and then directly after I re-did my order and it was closed again. I just finishes speaking with the Chat person, and he told me that once an appeal is approved, you need to wait 3 more days for the system to update and then place the order. I doubt that it is the truth but I do hope so. Please tell what finally happens with your story because I really wanna solve this and do my dropshipping!!!! tx
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    Their customer support really sucks at times. Hope it works out for you guys!