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    I am researching Alibaba for apparel manufacturers and came across these terms:
    - OEM service offered
    - Design service offered
    - Buyer label offered

    Does anyone know what exactly do these options mean?
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    OEM - Original Equipment Manufacter. Usually someone who manufactures and resells another companies product under their own brand. You buy from the manufacturer and back the product up by offering your own warranty, support and marketing etc. If you fancy knockin out the latest gadgets under your own name, these guys will do it for you - just be careful of copyright infringement, ip ownership and patents etc.

    Buyer Label Offered - If you are acting as a broker selling your goods into a number of different retail outlets then the manufacturer can brand or label the goods specific to the outlets in which they will eventually be sold. E.G. You order a total of 5k pieces of product, 2k with Customer A Label, 2k with Customer B Label, and 500 each of Customer C & D Label. Adds exclusivity for your customers and great for scaling up.

    Design Service Offered - I'd be inclined to believe that this does exactly what is say on the tin. You tell them you want some seriously flared pink demin jeans complete with diamantes and they do the rest!!!
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