Alexa Rank - How much does it really matter?


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Jan 5, 2012
How much does Alexa Rank really matter anymore?

Clearly, it can be used as a measure of your sites success as you watch it go up and down, but does it really effect anything more then that?

Thoughts and opinions welcome
I think ALexa rank matters to decide the rankings on Google. More the number of visitors to a page it has more authority.
Alexa rank does not really effects for google search engine ranking point of view.

Its only based on the traffic of the site
I can say that it is unaccurate.
I did a simple test with my sites, the stats showing on Alexa were wrong. I don't rely at it at all.
I've never given it the time of day - and I don't think the big G does either.

I can't imagine them placing too much trust on outside figures, especially ones so inaccurate.
Alexa does not give any influence in rankings according to me. I actually never saw what is my Alexa rank for my websites.
General Rulet: Less the alexa greater is the visibility. I saw many sites with alexa around 5 million and wondering about number of visits. But in my opinion alexa around 10,000(low budget site) will be good.
I just use it as a feel good treatment, If a site of mine is below 1 mil it makes me feel good. :)
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