aim: DgLoll - SCAMMER

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    aim: DgLoll - SCAMMER!!!
    I don't know what happen. He pay me for accts but he send to other paypal account my payment. We working long time together, i trust him that's when he have refund - he sending to my paypal 800$. Last talk will be 7 march. Log:

    DgLoll (12:59:22):hey mate have you been getting my messages?
    DgLoll (12:59:26):I sent you one earlier
    BelonzoAker (12:59:36):yes
    BelonzoAker (12:59:42):you already sent 800?
    BelonzoAker (12:59:57):oh...i need waiting friday?
    DgLoll (13:00:01):I called paypal today
    DgLoll (13:00:09):as they put a temp hold on the $800
    DgLoll (13:00:21):yeah they said I will get it by friday at latest
    DgLoll (13:00:29):and as soon as I have it I will send it straight over
    DgLoll (13:00:48):they said the temp hold is normal for a refund
    DgLoll (13:01:02):I thought it was a bit weird so I called them and they cofirmed friday
    DgLoll (13:01:09):really sorry mate

    After this time he don't answer me. I don't know what happen. I hope he have problem. If anybody know him - message him. I'm doing this every day , he online when i contacted him and don't respong me. BEWARE!