AIM AutoResponder Bot[Custom made]

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    Aug 27, 2009
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    So I didn't know what to do with this AIM Autoresponder bot, so I decided to contribute to the community and release it for free. Basically it'll talk to your suspects, has word recognization, so if it sees a word you have in your database, it will answer back. Example apple{soo| ya| money | horny} if it saw the world apple, it would randomly choose one of those words, so it lookss more like a human. A really good method to this is to get people to IM you,pretend you work as a webcam model, and send to a webcam site, telling them you gave them free credit and that they should come see you at work. Program handles multiple IMs. Download link is below, you will need Adobe Air.
    Just post a username/pass so i can create an account for you, or just PM if you don't want others to find out your pass