AI website builder?

The same in the moment with all AI website builders= you need to host your AI created site by them , it's not possible on your selfhost wordpress.
Thank you. Seems it's free for 1 project with limited features.
I am hoping to find something for unlimited websites, without monthly subscription.
If a tool like this exists, then expect for it to have a subscription. No-one wants to miss out on recurring revenue.
One-time fee tools can get you close. Wix/Squarespace can design a good-looking site with AI, but you might need to edit the auto-written content. For content, AI tools like Jasper can help, but your edits make it shine. Free images from Freepik or Unsplash add visual pop. It's possible, but be prepared to roll up your sleeves and edit some content. AI isn't perfect yet.
The new Spectra Pro plugin has a built-in feature that creates a WordPress website using AI:
I haven't used the service yet but it looks pretty neat.
The free spectra version is like the starter templates plugin damm hell slow.

On a wp page you click on the spectra templates plugin and it opens a blank Interface you wait 5 minutes, before all the pages,kits and patterns are loaded.

With that spectra pro will be slow too?
Новый плагин Spectra Pro имеет встроенную функцию, позволяющую создавать веб-сайт WordPress с использованием искусственного интеллекта:
Я еще не пользовался этой услугой, но выглядит она довольно неплохо.
I used it. sites turn out crooked and for some reason are generally poorly indexed and ranked
A tool for instantly creating BEAUTIFUL websites (not cheap looking) and auto-populating them with AI generated SEO content pages (blogs) with AI generated or free stock images.

Should be a 1 time fee for the software suite, no builders with monthly fees etc.
10 web is the closest to a complete solution- you can prompt it with keywords and it auto generates your entire website. You can also copy URLs and clone websites then change formatting to your brand via prompting.
Thank you. Seems it's free for 1 project with limited features.
I am hoping to find something for unlimited websites, without monthly subscription.
It’s unlikely that anyone will provide people with unlimited opportunities for free, everyone wants to eat)
Sounds like you're looking for an all-in-one solution for creating stunning websites with AI-generated SEO content and images, without the hassle of monthly fees. While I'm not aware of any tool that meets all your criteria exactly, you might want to explore options like WordPress with plugins for AI-generated content and image optimization. It might require a bit of setup, but it could offer the flexibility and control you're looking for with a one-time fee.
Hi It sounds like something unreal. I haven't seen such turnkey solutions, as for me it's easier to use different tools to create such a website. Almost any AI chat is able to write code for a website, also it's not so difficult to insert text and images.
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