Aggro Altern Bank Online (When Broke)

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    Phase 1
    1) Buy the software ?scrapebox?
    2) Watch youtube tutorial on how to scrape phone numbers / start scraping for google search [city][business]
    3) Locate legitimate affiliate offer that you, yourself would buy (perfect example ?evoice?)
    a) FTC?s ?do not call? list does not protect B2B calls
    b) Use small-med biz like lawyer, carwash, strip club, dentist, construction etc. When you factor in additional permutations like dui, divorce, worker comp (lawyers) you will see just how many options you have
    c) Execute. Do not train, do not write a script, just do it (do study the product your selling, however). I would listen to gangster rap and then start burning through numbers
    You have 30k+ numbers, do not waste time trying to win over someone who doesn?t want the product. Also, don?t waste time on the secretaries. The time:reward ratio is infinitively better if you?re a prick.
    Tried and true line for getting past secretaries:
    ?This is [X]. Can i speak to [boss] please.? Sound annoyed, make it sound like an order. When she asks the reason for the call just say its urgent and repeat line one. After doing this a few dozen times you?ll actually start getting mad when they inconvenience you. The power trip is real.
    Its like picking up chicks ? don?t waste time on high-maint when there are single/horny ones around the corner. Call, get past the gate keeper, then say whats up to the decision maker tell him what your selling and ask if he wants it.
    If you have a sweet offer, thousands of people on your list have thought about it at one time or another. I would buy the offer I mentioned above if you called me and sounded confident.
    Phase 2
    Repeat process with your own offer. Keep it all in house. Hire additional callers using craigslist or PUA forums because those guys are hungry as F-K.
    Bonus points for rebills.
    a) Use 1099-misc forms for any caller you pay over $600
    b) Your service needs to be somewhat expensive with good margins cause its hard to find callers for anything less than $100/conversion because people hate cold calling (except PUAs, seriously those guys stopped caring a long time ago)
    c) If you don?t have at least an LLC by this point GET ONE
    If you do exactly what I just said you will be rich, I promise. Good luck.

    Oh and because everyone is going to think I have an incentive to advertise scrapebox and/or evoice (which I don?t):
    Use one of their competitors. I don?t give a F-k.