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    So I was browsing ebay today looking at websites to flip, and ran across a turnkey fitness website:

    I'm sure many of you are aware of this technique, but it gave me an idea. This website is basically a bunch of listings for fitness equipment. All of the equipment is basically affiliate links (amazon, etc.). The owner of the website basically does nothing but set up the website, and all of the backend (shipping, supplying, etc.) is done by the provider.

    At least this is the way I understood it to be from the listing. If it is, I want to find a program that will help me set this up. I already have a great domain, I just need the info to set up affiliate blah blah so that someone can click and order and I just get a cut.

    This would be akin to having a recommended booklist and having it be amazon affiliate links. The only problem is I don't want the links bringing people to amazon. I want them to be able to checkout on my website, and the sale just goes through the provider.

    I thought perhaps you guys could point me in the right direction to a program that can teach me the best way to do this? Should I find a larger fitness supplier and become an affiliate? I'm sure this is being done and isn't extremely original, I just want to jump in the game.

    Hope this makes sense. I apologize for my noobness. I think this might be in the wrong section. Admin, feel free to move. Thanks in advance.
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