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Affiliate Site Help!!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by racerx105, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. racerx105

    racerx105 Junior Member

    Jul 5, 2010
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    Hey Guys,

    Im getting on average 500 visitors a day. My most popular pages are getting an average of 2:30 time spent on page, but they have a bounce rate of 80% and exit rate of 80%.

    My category pages which just list all the review pages and have no affiliate links. Only get 45 seconds but have a 35% bounce rate and 30% exit rate.

    I set up events on each affiliate link and Im getting about 60 clicks on my affiliate links a day out of 500 visitors. Which I think is pretty good could be better.

    1. I dont get why my bounce rate is so high
    2. Im not really getting any sales from those 60 clicks on my affiliate links. Should I try a different affiliate and see if its maybe they are not recording my sales or they are just not converting on there side?

    This is my first affiliate site and I want to try to get it right.

    Thanks Guys for any help
  2. Gyuman82

    Gyuman82 Elite Member

    Nov 15, 2011
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    SEO Specialist
    Los Angeles
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    Bounce rate is a deceptive measurement. There could be a lot of reasons why you have a high bounce rate. It could either be your content sucks, or the exact opposite, your content is so good it gives the reader exactly what they are looking for and they are satisfied and leave. The fact that they spend on average 2:30 on the page leads me to believe it's the latter. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    As far as your affiliate links, getting 60 clicks on 500 visitors is already pretty decent (12% CTR), however depending on what you are promoting the conversion rate for products tend to fall in the 1-5% rate. Meaning even if you get 60 clicks, statistically you still may not make any sales.

    A lot of your sales will depend of course on the product you are promoting, and if you're promoting some garbage product your conversion rate may even be less than 1%.

    If you believe in the product you are promoting I would say stick with it for a month and see how it goes. If after this time you still don't make any sales I would say definitely consider promoting something else.
  3. K.H.R

    K.H.R Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Dec 9, 2013
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    I think you Business Intention is 100%.

    For making an affiliate site Business intention should be 10-20% & the rest 90-80% should be for user/traffic.
    If people can think that its totally for business or your are just promoting a product they will quit your site. So make a site for User/People , think what people want. Just act as you made this for the people & you have no business intention then they will give you money. If you show your business intention you just will get high bounce rate.

    But you must have to technically represent your affiliated product. If you fail to do that you will loss.
  4. JaguarLove

    JaguarLove Newbie

    Jul 26, 2014
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    You are already doing good, don't worry too much about your bounce rate, try to optimize your offers and get more visitors. Are your visitors targeted to your offers?
  5. Basenix Group LLC

    Basenix Group LLC Regular Member

    May 7, 2014
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    We make people earn money.
    United States
    You're doing good in my opinion. Try to focus in getting more traffic. Optimize your site and try to get that bounce rate get lower.

    Have a great night!
  6. SEO Power

    SEO Power Elite Member

    Jul 14, 2014
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    Self employed
    Houston, TX
    Your bounce rate is high on the pages that contain affiliate links because visitors are clicking on your links and leaving your site without visiting any other page.