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    Hi guys,
    Im diving into this Affiliate world but have some questions regarding it.

    If you set up an affiliate program with a company that may or may not have one set up already, if say you earn't $1000, what if they dont pay you? Is there a certain action to take when a company doesnt pay its affiliate?

    Is social media traffic ok to use with affiliate programs? Or do they not like that kind of traffic etc? traffic is traffic in my opinion but i dont wanna get into any kind of battle!

    If a company selling a product doesnt have an affiliate program set up whats the best way to help get one set up?

    Im sure ill have more questions but this is all i can think of right now.

    Thanks guys [​IMG]
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    Hey Bro,

    First - I would highly recommend working with an affiliate network rather than an individual offer, when a network reputation is on the line you're much more likely to be paid ... plus, a network's support can be invaluable.

    To answer your questions; If a company doesn't pay, your options are limited. Best bet is to work with a company that you know has track record of paying.

    Social media converts well, so most companies can work with it - check the terms of each offer.

    If you want to help a company setup an affiliate program, there are several turnkey applications that can be installed relatively simply to launch one. There are cart systems like Interspire with built-in affiliate options (even free ones like Zen Cart) and there are affiliate tracking apps like Has Offers - lots of options.

    Hope this helps.
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    Those companies which works with an affiliate programme is very much successfull then those who are not working by it.Social media is very active now adays so in order to gain the maximum benifits companies prefer to work with it.
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    Work with big affiliate which have good reputation.