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Affiliate programs: pitfalls

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by keenmobi, May 10, 2017.

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    Mar 24, 2017
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    Earnings in the Internet through partner programs (or affiliate) has many advantages, but in this post I’d like to share experienced pitfalls you may face while cooperate with them:

    Choosing The Project For Cooperation. If you are not personally acquainted with the project, not sure in its decency (capacity to pay.), try to find information as much as possible. Take into not only user reviews, but also the opinion of other partners.

    Relevance Of The Affiliate Network To The Topic Of Your Resource. That’s child business. If you have cloths site – it would be difficult to sell musical instruments.

    Multilevel Referral Programs. A lot people think if they invite more people to their project – all will spin around by itself (more people come more new participants will come from them). Unfortunately, in reality everything is completely different.

    Violation of the terms of the partner program. In order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding, carefully read the rules of participation in the affiliate program: prohibited ways to distribute the referral link, site requirements, multi-accounts, linking, wrapping, etc.

    For example: "If you have not attracted a new member for 2 months, your partner account will be automatically blocked / deleted."

    Change The Terms Of The Affiliate Program. As a rule, the administration of a web resource reserves the right to change the percentage of deductions, ways of withdrawing money, ... – even denial of the referral system. By the way, it is noticed that solid resources do not change the conditions for YEARS!

    Account Lock / Deletion. Some sites after a certain time (month, two, thre) delete the user account, if he was not active (did not enter the site). Many people have lost many accounts with referrals and money - so keep that in mind.

    Referral Links Changing- another pitfall, though, this situation is extremely rare. There was a case when we poured "free" traffic to one project for several months (5!) and wondered why users stopped registering. Then it turned out that we had been informed via email that referral link was changed. Spam, news and overwhelmed e-mail box... - it's no wonder that we missed this letter.

    Too Little Minimum Amount Of Payments. Always pay attention to the minimum threshold of payments - sometimes it is unjustifiably overstated. Analyze the possibilities of your web resource (the main factor is attendance!). And estimate how many "years" you will be earning a minimum.

    Number And Activity Of Referrals (attracted users). According to observations, the number of active referrals (bringing the profit) Is about 2% - 5% of the number of all registered. Conclusion: there must be a lot of referrals!

    Registrations Or Percentage Of Payments? Some affiliates offer to choose a tariff type- single reward for the registration of each new user, or a percentage of all referral payments (recall that payments will make approximately. Keep in mind that there are affiliate programs where one single user can bring you income of several hundred or even thousands of dollars!

    Payment Methods Of Partner Compensation. Look at what kind of electronic systems the affiliate is working with, make sure you can get your money.

    Wish you good luck!