Affiliate Programs going out to 50 Million + Users.

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    My name is Stav and I am an Instagram-based Entrepreneur. I currently have a fanbase of 8 million total users spread across a few accounts. If you are familiar with Instagram, you are aware of the concept of SFS, meaning I can reach 50-100 million users a day with ease. With this being said, I can easily reach a sixth of the United States per day. I am looking for a good affiliate program of some sort.

    I have no idea how any of this works so please excuse my noobishness, I basically want users to be able to click a link and for me and my partners to make money off of these clicks. We used to use content lockers in which users have to download a few mobile apps in order to proceed to the website, this worked very well but it is not very accurate in tracking. We might get 150,000 clicks and only 30,000 leads. Of those 30,000 leads maybe 15,000 were actually accounted for in our payment. It was a mess so we ventured away from this service as it seems to still be in beta.

    Our followers aren't adults. We use marketing methods that attract kids. Kids are the majority of instagram, so we create accounts around niches that will entertain them. Meaning, I can't really have them buy your products if that is what your affiliate links require. I am looking for some sort of service that pays me per clicks onto the site. However it may be, point is I just can't send a bunch of kids to buy products that they most likely have no interest in.

    I can however reach specific niches by doing shout for shout with accounts in that niche, but if it's a small niche like physiotherapy or something it won't be easy to find accounts that can advertise your link, but if your CPA is good enough per lead we can work it out.

    I have the opportunity here to make 6-7 figures and I want to take advantage of it, I am willing to offer a percentage of equity for whoever can share their techniques with me. If you only make a few thousand I can make a few hundred thousand. I also have twitter, facebook, vine, and youtube accounts. I can reach any niche you can possibly think of, somebody please give me a few minutes of your time to discuss this. I promise you will be happy with what I have to say.

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    Stav Chen
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    Hey! I am involved with an affiliate program that pays per click, not to actually convert sales. We can make bank together. let me know if you are down to do this because i have the perfect solution to make us both a ton of money every single month. Hit me up back on here. Thanks!