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    I just joined a new affiliate program that looks good for any movie-related site.

    That's the main points:
    -you get 40% from user payments (subscription costs 39.99 EURO - you get 16euro ~ 21$)
    -you get 40% from rebills!
    -10000 movies in different languages(+all upcoming movies)
    -weekly payments

    !!! Important
    As they're a new affiliate program and want to attract webmasters they have a great promo.

    Register from 17.08.2010 to 02.09.2010, earn 2000$ within 3 months after the registration and get 1000$ as a gift! That's not a joke!

    They don't have public shops so you need to register a domain and install your own shop(that's not complicated) to the hosting (requires php5 and mysql, if you don't have one support team will help you) and drive traffic from your site to that shop(or promote the shop itself)

    That's the example of the shop you need to install...
    www . onlybestmovs .com/films/7616/MacGruber.html

    Registration is via invites with manual approval.
    That's the affiliate program URL
    www . video-cash .com

    Are you interested in an invite? If yes please PM.
    I know it's prohibited by rules to force people get invites and sorry for that, but I'm telling the truth - registration is via invites ONLY