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    I've been reading this forum for a few weeks, specifically peoples strategies and success stories and I noticed that when it comes to niche websites people usually start off with products/hobbies they are familiar with.

    Anyways my idea is to to target specific models of a product. First off some the big names offer affiliate programs at 5 and 6% commission and generally the items go for $400-$1000.

    I used google adwords to check some exact searches for the keywords for 1 particular model and these are the results I got.


    Now almost all of these keywords have very limited total search result pages in google, most have 100-200k. I've also looked at the competition and most of the links are subpages with very few backlinks, just on page seo.

    I am confident I could rank high for most of these with enough work, most of these keywords have a .com,.net,.org keyword available and i dont see many other sites having the keyword in the domain names.

    Now should I do a the affiliate program exclusively or should I combine the affiliate program with adsense? I am particularly interested in the keyword with the $29CPC.

    Thank you for your advice.