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    Hi all!,

    I need some advice from you guys :D

    2 Months ago I received an email from the affiliate company that my site is in "breach of the affiliate agreement" I had to change my domain (sh*t) and the style of my website. Within 5 days or they will delete my account and I will not get paid.

    I knew that my site made over €600 in 2 months but I was waiting for my first payment. So I bought a new domain, fixed the style and feel of my site and 301 redirect the old one. They accept the change and I received the payment (YES)

    But I was thinking......

    What If I make a php file with the affiliate code on my new domain and I Iframe the code on the old domain. Of course I will delete the old domain from the affiliate program so they don't find the site anymore.

    This way all the visitors will still use my affiliate code but in the Affiliate program they will see that they where send by the new domain. Or will they still see my old domain? The affiliate code is generated with an ID for my new domain.

    What do you think?
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