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Affiliate offer from Home Design Tool

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by dezius, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. dezius

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    Sep 5, 2011
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    About affiliation program.

    Planner 5D affiliate program is dedicated to webmasters and public persons that could attract more potential website visitors. Our online software can help to create detailed home plans and modern interior design. So every person could create their dream house easily by themselves. We believe that people shouldn't waste their money for interior or house designers just to create visual examples. By creating a house and designing interior by himself person feels independent and creative.

    So, if You have a website, blog, group in social media, youtube channel or create podcast that is about interior or home design, building, renovation, furniture and other esthetic areas, You can become our partners. Your audience would be very suitable for our software tool and You?ll be rewarded handsomely via our affiliate program.

    What?s in it for is You?

    • Generous commission on sales that you generate for us
    • Amazing offer for your readers or followers
    • Possibility for you to become dedicated affiliate manager on hand to help
    • Clear messaging ? ?Create your own house interior?

    You can embed our tool like Youtube player on your web and visitors can use our tool directly from you website without leaving it

    We divide 50:50 of income (minus commission for payment gateway). For example: If someone pays 10 USD we will divide 50%:50% minus 5% commissions. And this means that both of us will get 4.75USD.

    We are selling:

    • Full catalog from 5USD to 20USD
    • 3D renders from 10USD to 50USD
    • Custom textures from 5USD to 20USD

    If you are interested just write me by email jonas at planner5d dot com and i can provide banners, texts or tool for embedding.

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