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    hello guys
    we are looking for 10 partners mostly from western countries. who can recruit 100 affiliates each at a minimum in a 2 month duration.
    we have a very brand-able domain name . af****.com
    we are set to launch on November 1st.
    we will be having more then 800+ offers to start

    i need some reliable people who have got time and experience and patience to help newbies in CPA.
    if you recruit a newbie it will be your responsibility to show him guides and material available which will allow him to start a site and make money.
    we will except all kind of affiliates.

    Will be a USA/Uk registered company depending on my majority partners.
    after you recruit 100 members you will get 100% of the offers money that we get from our advertisers. and 12%net (or40% f profit) of the revenue generated from your recruits.
    any partner who can recruit 500 active affiliates first will also be awarded 4% stake in the company other then the benefits mentioned above.
    i also forgot to mention that we will be awarding the clients we get directly to the partners so that they can guide them.
    all 10 partners will work together and not against each other.

    It will be 6 months of hard work .....................then you can guess

    does this interest you ? please pm me with your contact id and i will get back to you

    if you have question then post here so that it might also be helpful to others
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