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Affiliate Network i am using

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by dustineyes, May 27, 2015.

  1. dustineyes

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    Jan 10, 2014
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    Hi guys,

    I was trying to figure out how could i "repay my debt" to the community, but my knowledge base about topic in this forum is not anywhere close good enough so i could start leaving - How To's or advices, so i have decided to share one of affiliate networks i am using to earn some extra cash.

    The affiliate network is in one of the "most wanted" niches - Health. This network has 25 different partners (online med shops), and some of those, if not all, are of very high quality. Commission can varry from 13% to 50% depending on which offer you promote, also they got levels (e.g. x number of monthly sales = 13% commission, xx number of monthly sales =15%, xxx = 17%). I find those with lower commission rates more profitable than others. They got covered most part of the Europe, so you ll find localized versions of their offers to promote (e.g UK, DE, SWE, DEN, etc)

    Their support is one of the best i have ever seen so far, they have live chat, and so far i haven't experienced them to be offline. If not your Account Manager, someone else will be online.

    From my experience i could see that most of sales was about erectile dysfunction treatments, but there are all kind of products as well (weight loss, dermatology products, etc)

    Here is the statistic for one of their offers:

    ------------------------------ Network Average-------Top 10 Affiliates
    Average Order Value -----------------€169.62 ----------€248.61
    Average Commission Value-----------€24.11------------€40.78
    Earnings Per Click (EPC) -------------€0.83--------------€1.47
    Conversion Rate -----------------------3.44%------------6.10%

    I won't be posting this affiliate network with my affiliate link in it, since it would be unfair as i am writing this to repay for knowledge i got from you guys sharing it( tho those who feel the need of registering there via my affiliate link and checking it out, can feel free to ask it in PM xD)

    Affiliate network is healthtrader.com/uk

    I hope this will repay to some of you at least a bit for what you have teached me.

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