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    what is the most effective traffic way for affiliate marketing?
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    There is no one most effective way to promote your affiliate link/banner.

    A lot of common ways are:
    Direct Banner buys - Find niche websites and negotiate banner space (could be very effective if you target the right websites.
    Banner ad networks - Same as above but you get to choose multiple websites this is usually a CPC or CPM.
    Email marketing - works best if you have a customer base within the same niche.
    Blog - Writing an article(s) is effective teach people about the product without pitching too much and people will buy.
    Video Blog - making educational videos is helpful to the user and may drive sales.
    Landing Page - Buying a domain and creating a squeeze page about the product is effective, make sure to capture emails and treat your list well.
    Adwords/Bing ads Not my prefered method because you will be competing against many other affiliates and everybody else with the same keywords, may be pricey but depending on the commission and product type it may be worth it.

    There are hundreds of threads explaining other ways to market just browse around.