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    If this is in the wrong section, you can move it to the proper section. I searched for "affiliate ebay" "ebay affiliate" affiliate click rate. And searched how to improve click rate.
    But couldn't find it here on the forums.

    I have a few questions, and perhaps people with more experience can tell this as well.

    I started a new tumblr blog. It is going really well since the last 9 days(that was when I created the blog). I am doing everything manual. Because I want to build it the right way for me. So far 129 followers and over 6 k pageviews. And over 1300 visitors and a average bounce rate of 21%

    I added some affiliate banners(from ebay partner network). Now I think this is normal since the blog is brand new and haven't earned "enough trust" yet.

    But I have over 5 k impressions with 13 clicks. Is this normal? And if so, how to improve it without annoying the readers? I have gotten a good users base where my blogs are being reblogged and liked.

    I don't want to use Amazon since I live outside the USA and checks is not a thing here. Kinda old to be honest in this country. I did apply for alieexpress but have to wait.