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    Don't ever believe affigold he is just a bitch he started a thread that he knows an affiliate that pays well & doesn't require CC verification just to trick newbies lol this was the pm he sent me & the rest of those who were interested.

    hope this helps

    there is a timeshare campaign
    that they have that converts 10%-12%

    click to lead

    all the customer needs to do is fill in

    1) full name
    2) phone
    3) email
    4) resort name

    you get 13$ a lead

    no credit card needed for the customer it's a free consultation on how to sell their timeshares

    it's a sweet deal

    in order to get started you need to sign up to the leadcreations affiliate sign up page located at:

    just contact me with you details so I can get you instant approval

    if you have any further questions feel free to contact me.

    also there is gold campaigns
    and health insurance campaigns
    hope this helps,
    __________________ - Turn Trash Traffic into Gold ! - Free Sex Pill

    never ever become an affiliate of this site

    its all a scam