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Discussion in 'Adwords' started by killer2021, Mar 8, 2011.

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    so I tried to use adwords to promote one of my business products. Its a decent product, nothing spammy, its a good value for the customer. So what better way to promote it other than to use adwords. So I saw an ad for a 75$ adwords coupon, applied to it and opened an account.

    So I set up the account, added 3 different types of ads, added like 100 keywords that matched the product. I set up the budget to 5$/day and .25 per click figuring that would be my ideal price to pay. I didn't get any clicks or even impressions. I kept playing around with it but nothing would work. I even removed my bid limit and the cpc went all the way up to 2.00$ click and still nothing!

    Now I'm just pissed off and not going to waste my time with adwords anymore.

    From now on I'm just going to use affiliate networks and buying seo/link related services instead.
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    Sorry for your loss mate.

    Are you sure you used the best keywords and ads? If the product is good and landing pages are appealing there is no way that it wouldnt sell via Adwords really.

    What was your quality score for keywords that you used? What about the CTR?