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    i don't where else to write, because i'm pretty desperate.

    I'm getting emails for few months from some company which collects debts (Access Credit Management Ltd). As Google confirmed, this company works for them and they are valid. They writing me about some underpayment about 60usd. And my email is registered as contact to adwords account X.

    But there's a problem that i don't remember any registered account with that number and when i try to login with email that they speaking about i'll log to account Y, which is not set and doesn't have any underpayment.

    So i've contacted google if they can send me correct email to account X so i can login. They said that not because it's against rules. And my email isn't compared to account Y.

    I've contacted ACM that my email isn't compared to account X according to google help which sent me emails and even gave a call to me.

    Their reply is:

    [email protected] is the registered contact email address.

    To complete a login reset, please select the “need help?” link at

    Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    What to do? Is there anyone from Google here? Even if i forget to some account or email i can't pay because i can't login and nobody can tell me correct login email...And ACM and Google throwing me like hot potato. Bonus is that ACM gave me time to end of the month or they will sue me. (Which i don't know if they can since i'm from Czech Republic and they are from UK.

    Please help
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    The company you are talking about are a joke there are a whole lot of reports online of the company doing the same thing with other people.
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    google reviews has them rated at 1 star . why wouldn't google go with a more reputable company do they lack the resources to search for them ?