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    Is the tool provided by google for advertisers to check their ads are appearing (and presumably placement) without clocking up regular impressions.

    Do the adwords guru's here know..

    1. Are the serp and ads returned without any account or ip interrogation applied. For example a virgin searcher of a kw in the targeted area would see the exact same page displayed on this tool.

    2. Presumably if this is the case this tool also provides the best serp tracker for organic listings that there is?

    I ask as a handful of my kw are showing 'Below First Page Bid' yet almost always still appear in the top three places (page one) on this tool. Quality scores of these kw are all 9 or better and I wonder if google are serving me a crock a shit that they want me to see.
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    Ad Preview is a good tool, it is very straightforward. If your ad is showing then you will see a green "Yes" and the details for the campaign. There are any number of reasons your ad may not be showing.

    2. This tool is not a SERP tracker. It is just a mock-up. There are many paid services that will track your SERP ranking for keywords. I use moz.

    The "Below First Page Bid" warning is not a good indicator of whether your ad is showing on the first page. You should be checking your Average Position. If it is 1-3, those are the top spots.
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