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    Okay lately I have been trying to launch a new online service and I have so much faith in this service that I have decided to dump some real money into a google adwords campaign for it.

    So I got everything straightened out over the last 3 days long story a ton of issues with getting my account online for some reason.

    But now that I launch my campaign I am seeing zero impressions due to a low Qual. Score
    Qual. score

    What ever that may be

    how can I rase this I also just purchased and forwarded a search specific domain another words I am selling a pinging service I purchased BestPingingServiceOnline.Com and forwarded it to my money site should I have google adwords looking at that cause it might help me rank me get a better qual score for Pinging Service

    I mean let alone doing sep for this I cant even get google to take money for a few click lol :)

    all help is appreciated and I never claim to be a seo genius just a guy trying to make some spare cash.
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    One of the first and simplest things you can do is to make sure your keywords that are associated with your ads are all relevant to your ads. Any keyword that would not be relevant to ad text should be excluded from your campaign (or you should make a separate ad group for it).

    Also, make sure that your landing page is also relevant to those keywords and ad text. Having the keyword terms in copy and in the architecture of your landing page is a good start.

    Here is more info on quality score,

    Hope that helps,

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    sounds like your account is under review
    if you don't see the under review means its about to get banned.