Adwords keyword tool help ;(

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    hii everyone
    I need keyword tools help

    i searched for a keyword

    it showed me

    global monthly search-390
    local monthly search-210

    and another is
    competetor medium
    G Monthly search-1300
    L Monthly search-480??

    Lmao what is this
    competetion is so high
    and monthly search is so low
    and another competitor is medium
    and monthly search is high?

    i can't understand what is this

    plz help me
    what does that mean
    thanks in advance
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    Is that exact or broad search btw the search count is low and search for a keyword that has more than 1k+ searches...
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    i mean do i need to see the competetion or monthly search
    the keywords are
    "facebook fan likes" which have medium competition but high monthly search
    but for "buy facebook fans like" the competition is high and monthly search is low
    thanks for replying
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    competitor--high means the adword compition or the number of people that are competing (bidding ) for that word for there advertisement it does not meant that actuall first page seo compition to be tough , I have came across keyword that are high in compition (adword competition ) and low seo competition and other way around so dont go by the compition in gkt but analyze the keyword that you find suits you
    hope this helps
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    If the competition is high then move on. Also mention if they are exact or broad matches.
    Also you can use allinurl and allintitle for checking seo competition.
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    Competition are as in if the keywords are widely searched, widely used by Advertiser.
    And Monthly Searches are as in the avg searches thru a year from their analysis data.
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    You can go for any keyword. Both will take time but i would suggest you to go for high comp. as loads of people are trying to get rank on the same keyword and if you get top ranks you can have some good sales.
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    its depend on country to country as well as exact & broad searches.
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    Let me jump in here :

    The High, Medium and Low , This shows the amount of people actually Paying for clicks in their Adwords PPC Campains. If it is high then there is a lot op people that use this keyword in their campaign. This applies to the Medium and low too, where Low is you have a better chance of getting the Top Paid Spot with a lower Bid.

    Usually when there is a High Competition this means that there is a lot of people that is already ranked and it will be almost Impossible to rank for that keyword on the first page of google in a short time.
    So now you either spend a lot of money on the ppc or you spend a lot of time on seo to get fist page ( With time Im talking about a year of hard work building backlinks and unique content around the keyword).

    So if the niche is very profitable and your getting a very good ROI on your PPC Campaign, it is much easier to just buy the top advertising spot or Bid the highest so you can get more clicks and sales on the product that you sell.

    The Global and the Local monthly searches is an estimate on google's stat's that they have accumulated by taking an average on the monthly searches on that keyword over an estimated period of time.
    This is just an estimate, so this can be greater or less. If something is trending then the number can be higher for 6 months because of an increase of searches in a specific time-span. It also helps to search that keyword in google trends just to see if it is still high.

    So if your going to do PPC then you look for Keywords that has a lot of Searches and with a Low Competition.

    If your doing SEO then Low Competition does help, but you will have to do additional research by searching in Google and then placing your keyword in "keyword" to see how many site's have that exact phrase on their pages( I usually look to find keyword's that have less than 50 000 here ) . then also you have to search and see how many people have actually optimized their pages for that Keyword by using the intitle:"keyword" here you will find all the website's that has this in their title and is actually optimizing for this keyword( I will usually look to find keywords that have less than 10 000 here)

    If your trying to optimize for the US then you cant use your local google if your not living in US. you have to go to g** .

    I Hope this helps

    Good Luck