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Adwords is About to Make Me Snap

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by Darkrocker, May 2, 2012.

  1. Darkrocker

    Darkrocker Newbie

    Mar 28, 2012
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    New Jersey
    So I have some blogs I use to promote clickbank products that have made me some money over the past month.
    Since I know they can convert I started looking into adwords recently to bring in more high quality traffic. I got a
    $100 voucher which I planned to use as a test, to see if my campaigns would make enough to be worth while. So
    after much research I started making my first campaigns today and I swear google is just trying to push my buttons.

    1st Campaign, 1st ad: Disapproved with the only cited reason being "site policy"
    Umm what's this? Let me try making another ad

    1st Campaign, 2nd ad: Disapproved with the cited reason "sale of free items"
    What the hell? I'm not selling any free items. I have amazon links and a piece of software from clickbank. Upon further
    investigation I determine the software was developed from the source code from an open source project, But even
    the website of the original software says it's perfectly legal for others to alter and sell it as they see fit. At this point my
    rage towards google is building and then I receive an email...

    "Your Adwords Account: Warning of possible suspension"
    Are you F@#%ing kidding me!? I try and make 2 ads which they denied for questionable reasons at best and all of a
    sudden my account is in danger of suspension? This is absolutely insane. So I try making a campaign with another site...

    2nd Campaign, 1st ad: Disapproved with the cited reason "ad violation trademarked word: start"
    HOW IN THE HELL IS START A TRADEMARKED WORD!? This has gone beyond the levels of stupidity and reached the
    plateau of mental retardation. But I change my ad so it no longer includes the word start... and holy crap my ad is eligble!
    It's going to be approved! I can't wai-

    2nd Campaign, 2nd ad: Disapproved cited reason, "bridge site"
    YOU F#$*ING @&#* SUCKERS!!! At this point my professional demeanor is f@&#ing shot. I'm fed up, and I won't be
    surprised if my adwords account is suspended in the morning over this storm of idiocracy and frustration. At this point
    I have one more blog left to try but it's a saturated niche and I'M SURE THEY'LL FIND A PROBLEM WITH THAT ONE TO!

    So this has been my experience thus far, if you read the whole post I hope you got a good laugh. Unfortunately this is truly
    how I feel right now (although written for humor as well). But even if I build a whole new site from scratch with adwords
    in mind I really can't see how It'll be approved while I'm promoting clickbank products. Yet I can't see getting enough income
    from amazon alone either. It's ironic, I'm more or less trying to go whitehat (or at least grey) and google won't let me. Can
    anyone that's been doing good with adwords/clickbank share some tips on how you were approved or provide a site as a
    working example? Don't worry, I have 0 interest and copying anyone's niche. I suppose I'll have more research to do in the
    morning but for now I'm calling it quits until I can think with a clear head again.

    (hopefully I'll still have my adwords account :p)
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  2. johnwoo

    johnwoo Power Member

    Dec 26, 2010
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    well, Clickbank and affiliates are no more allowed in Adwords. However u can learn cloaking and make it working
    the best thing u can do is test. Test alot .That will make u learn . n make u earn
  3. LucidMarketing

    LucidMarketing Regular Member

    Jun 25, 2011
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    Home Page:
    Site policy means your landing page is violating one or more of their Adwords policies. That includes bridge pages.

    Despite what John and many others will tell you, affiliates are allowed. You just have to do it right. That means no bridge pages for one thing. So before submitting other ads, fix the issue with your landing page.

    You sometimes run into things like "start" being thought of as a trademarked word. Evidently, there's a company out there named Start that doesn't want its name to appear in ads. I remember having the same problem promoting apple juice and apple being flagged. The solution is simply to request an exception and it will be manually reviewed and you'll be OK.
  4. Darkrocker

    Darkrocker Newbie

    Mar 28, 2012
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    New Jersey
    Thanks for the tips. At this point in time I think I'm going to try using another ppc advertiser for my existing sites. When
    I can get that to work, or if I fail miserably I'll make a new site set up for adsense. It's really hard to test what works
    when they threaten to suspend your account after 2 attempts.
  5. NegroHat

    NegroHat Newbie

    Apr 12, 2010
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    In certain cases, things are flagged for manual review. This review takes only a few seconds, but your success depends largely on the person evaluating your site. Ask yourself: Are they in a good mood or having a bad day? Is this person just picky?

    I have found that if I post an ad on Adwords late at night or early in the morning, I have a much better chance of success. This is probably because a different person is making the manual review.

    Try posting at different times and you will notice patterns. Certain times you will have fewer problems.