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    Hi I just started doing adsense and then I realize that it might took really long time before making some money so I decided to learn Adwords, please don't take me for a lazy guy coz I already spend 2-3 hours after school everyday and sometimes also during weekend but from now on I am also going to work during weekend too, the only reason I wanted to start adwords is because I want to be able to make money at the end of this summer vacation, if I can make money then I don't see any reason to go to school and then I can focus on My dream and Goal.

    Anyway to get back to the topic I realize from adsense that I have to write lots of article and its probally going to take a long time before I make some real money, So My question is if I start with adwords, Do I also need to worry about all those traffic building and writing lots of article stuff, ofcourse I am willing to write article for the product that I am trying to sell.
    for example If I am tryiing sell this tv and My site have only one article and it is about that Tv, is it good enough or do I need to write lots of article like in adsense.

    My goal is to reach about 3000 euro netto in 6 months and I have 2500 euro to risk, I already have domain name and host, and I have little skill of Htlm, Css, wordpress. Php AND javascript I will learn it in the future.
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