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    1. I have a website lets cal it for a few retarded reasons we need to send adwords traffic to it from 2 different adwords accounts. We cant look at the analytics for the site in a consolidated fashion > traffic from one the adwords accounts will not be tracked properly and will show up as DIRECT traffic.

    > please let me know ifany of you guys have a solution to this. So I can get proper insight into the campaign at a whole .I understand it would be difficult/impossible to tell if PPC traffic originated from which account, but at the least ti should be possible to catagorise all ppc traffic properly

    2. Im thinking of using a third party analytics program to solve this issue.
    > can somebody recommend the best platform ? I was advise Lyris is the best..

    3. Please advise if anybody knows of a good adwords management software that can all me to give login details to my client, so they can track their campaig, but see LIMITED INFO, something like what reachlocal does - do not show info regarding exact keyphrases and bid prices.

    Thanks in advanc
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    you could mirror the landing page within one account to the other, just give it a different name extension...set a funnel / goal in analytics to capture the 2 seperate pages. That way you have a start at tracking

    lyris is really good, omniture is great as well but more expensive

    for clients to see limited info I would go with omniture if its within your budget or bill the client for it, you can set alot of restrictions details depending on account setup

    2cents, good luck