Advise will be well received, I'm mad atm!

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    Hi lads, I would like to introduce myself as a Venezuelan seeking to an alternative incoming, principally by the fact that I barely get money to eat, thanks to the desitions that the government has taken, so, cutting the crap I would like if someone could review my way of doing things or if I'm just a badluck pal, I've tried so many methods, and also have been reading for e-commerce and web money for like 2 years with no success, I've only won a 5$ amazon gift card through the swagbucks network, I've tried crakrevenue(high hits, no lead), twitter accounts to promote adult cpa links (same as crakrevenue), wordpress blog trying to get some cpa and cpi with mobile apps & stuffs (no success), trying to rank a website I bought, It was adult intended ( fail, lost money), tried paid surveys with an amazon ip, because almost of the survey offers are from US only ( fail, I got the fastest internet connection that my ISP offers, and yet I get 3000ms delay between my pc and the vps, so can't do shit) tried traffic exchange (really have to explain this?) and last but not least, the claimed CPA, I think this is bullshit, I've managed to get a bot with ~15 faucets and yet I make like 0.2 daily, so as you can tell I'm at the time that I'm getting real frustrated, pissed-off and feeling like I don't want to spend any more time on this, so, the question is, have you been in this wrecking position? What you've done? Any advise? Sorry for the long post ;).

    EDIT: I'm sorry if i posted this stuff in the wrong section!!:oops: