Advise on multiple type of link services?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by bgoner, May 2, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    still relatively new to seo and was wondering if you could mention few good link networks to test similar to linkal0ha? Don't get me wrong I'm happy with this one but I guess there is always something better. Checked out a few but seem a bit expensive to me... may be they have very good SN networks (the main thing I'm looking after) and good automatically matched content but still need something not expensive( I know, i'm so cheap!).

    Btw really like the idea of making a campaign almost like in adwords and pressing the start button (i used to be only a PPC marketer who knew almost nothing in seo... maybe I still don't know a thing just content and big fuss about my site- would it be talking about it or linking it). I believe it's a great way for the noobies like me to start as you almost have a fully automated senuke running.

    But I really would like to test more of these as would like to spread the linkning pattern. Don't wanna get burned by some nasty network. After all you don't get to see the networks before you get some reports... Also would like to have more features like selecting random link per day from per module with min and max. Don't wanna be so monotonous. And to have more control over the link spreading. (no I don't want to get senuke I'm lazy). Further more it would take ages to get good authority from google for all my accounts - article, sn, sb, fp, social, web2.0. Also I hope there is one with even more link types in more websites.

    Take care