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    Hello Guys, I need a little expert advice here. First my short story in IM:

    Started in march this year and tried a lot of methods (autoblog-Porn, YT and FB-CPA, Clickbank-SEO, etc.). I know that I should stick with one method, but this constant changing has helped me to lear A LOT in very short time. Now I think I "understand" the big picture of IM bz, and that is why my new project is an authority site in the health niche.

    But, as you know, this kind of project takes time to start seing descent earning, so I am looking for some "quick" methods for earning at least USD500 month to maintan myself without having to look for a job and dedicate less time to IM.

    The thing is, I have always aimed to the spanish market (I speak native Spanish, since I am from Argentina). This has little competition compare to US, UK, etc. but is A LOT harder to convert.

    Because of that, I realised that maybe the reason why is getting a little bit harder to bank is because I am targeting a hard to convert audience.

    Now I am conviced that I should focus in US, UK or some 1 tier countries. I dont have a lot of many to invest (about USD500-600).

    I would like to hear some advices or where to put this money or what method is receommended. I thought about bing ads (are cheaper than adwords) and try some CPAs (I was interested in PPC attorneys or Rehab). What do you think?

    All opinions are welcomed!

    Thanks in advance!